One-on-One Sessions

In these sessions, we co-create a space when you can hold & process your pain, stabilize & regulate your nervous system, turn your trauma into growth and recover from chronic dys-regulation / dis-ease through embodied practices that unite the healing power of the mind, body & spirit.

In a nutshell, I help facilitate your actualization as a self-healer.

Building Foundations
3 Month Journey

After thousands of clinical hours with clients in one-on-one sessions, I have found that committing to a healing container for a minimum of three months is essential for setting the foundations for true growth and self-transformation. You will learn how to manage stress and stabilize your nervous system, which is truly priceless.

This journey includes 12 sessions total:
  • One (1) 90-min initial private session.
  • Eleven (11) 50-min private sessions to be held on a weekly basis, within 3 months after the initial session.
  • Communications via WhatsApp (voice & texts messages) for questions and emergencies
Apply for a free online consult to find out more.

Diving Deep
12 Month Journey

This is a year-long journey to go all in, breaking unhealthy cycles & patterns, diving deep within, restoring a healthy & loving relationship with your body/self, and embodying the foundations of compassionate self-love & self-care for a lifelong journey of self-actualization & self-healing.

​This container includes 9 months of weekly sessions and 12 weeks of rest & integration & offers a complete & consistent continuity of care.

This is my most comprehensive & complete package & it’s recommended for those who are serious about doing the work.

​Please apply for a FREE online consult to find out more.