Meet Pierre-Etienne

Mind-Body Practitioner


Pierre-Etienne has spent the past 15+ years learning, practicing and teaching traditional and modern body-mind methods of stress and trauma management, with for the purpose of healing and integrating our inner wounds.

He guides those who are ready to heal and restore safety from within by returning to the truth and humanity of our body, finding natural balance in our nervous system and our relationship to ourselves, to others, to the earth and to the Divine.

He is a father of 2, a student of Sufi Islam, and a lover of the Turkish Flute. Since 2019, he has been increasingly involved in men’s work on embodied masculinity, particularly between, France, the USA and Egypt.

Timeline Jump

At the age of 20, PE was the first in his ancestral line to leave his small town in France to explore the mountain of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa where he worked to organize and lead expeditions for a local tour company.

Since then, PE has been taking great leaps & timeline jumps across the globe, shapeshifting into many roles, experiences, lives, languages & cultures. The shapeshifter was born.

The Shapeshifter

PE’s gift is his ability to shapeshift throughout dimensions.

He quickly picks up languages & adapts to the environment & culture around him. He shifts the forms of sound & music, he works with breath, the body, visualization, & movement to transform & transmute energy, stuck patterns, wounds, trauma, & shadow. He has developed the tools & skills to shape-shift & bring balance to one’s nervous system, to one’s mind, one’s heart, to the entire room. He creates containers & holds space for metamorphosis, to help one transfigure all that is painful into light and learning.

PE speaks several languages and is able to facilitate group sessions in the areas of self-transformation, healing & men’s work in English, French, Spanish & Arabic.

Timeline Shifts

From the mountains of Tanzania, to the the Chamber of Commerce in Chile, & the press rooms & presidential palaces of West Africa & Eastern Europe, to almost a decade in United Nations projects across the 22 Arab states, & the field hospitals of Tahrir Square during the Egyptian revolution, to the healing centers, torture victims & immigrant populations of Los Angeles– PE has shape-shifted & offered his transformational gifts for the past 25 years.

He has now returned full circle to Cairo, Egypt & is working between the lands of Ancient Kemet & the US & Europe.