Retreats & Group Sessions

You are not alone. There is incredible power in healing together. Look within & below to find a container that resonates.


Breathe To Heal

A 6 Week Online Program to Transform Trauma & Emotional Blocks Through One's Breath

The purpose of this program is to promote healing and emotional freedom. It means giving ourselves permission to feel what we need to feel, and by extension to heal what we need to heal. It is an invitation to proactively and compassionately deal with the emotions and sensations that are stuck in our bodies because of past/current experiences in our life. It means stop pretending that “everything is great/fine/perfect!” and giving ourselves permission to move on with our life!

Reflect & Reset

A 6 Week Online Program to Promote Self Reflection & Integration

During this program we will brainstorm, practice breathing and meditation, share stories and heal together. We will work together to build a safe container to help you better manage stress, promote healing, reflect on lessons from the past and build resources for the present and future.

We will take some time to breathe and connect – both to ourselves and others. Our goal is not to tell people what to do with their life, but to make space for you to express what needs to be expressed, and be heard. This is a safe space for all.