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Breathwork &

Mind-Body Healing
with Pierre-Etienne Vannier

“Thank you for this gift. I will take it with me always. It saved my spirit and strengthens my healing resolve. I am most grateful to you for your wisdom.”
~ Sara

Areas Of Transformation

Nervous System Regulation
Resilience Building
Post-Traumatic Growth
“Immeasurable benefits! A lifeline for me during and after my treatment!"
~ Michael

The Journey towards Healing is Connecting to Your Personal Medicine.

“I refer the majority of my cancer patients at some point to Pierre-Etienne, as I see him and his program as having the greatest positive impact on my patients in the shortest amount of time; not to mention the fact that his impact is everlasting in that my patients tell me how they continue to utilize the skills that they learn in his sessions."
- Barbara Perry,
Radiation Oncology & Palliative Care
Huntington Hospital Cancer Center
"Over the last few years, thousands of patients and Huntington employees have gone through his meditation & mind-body trainings and their feedback has been outstanding! My patients often have reported to me that Pierre-Etienne’s service has made such a huge impact on healing from cancer and various side effects from cancer treatment. His service is definitely indispensable and crucial to our Integrative Oncology Program."
- Suzie Kline,
Manager of Integrative Oncology,
Huntington Hospital Cancer Center
“By doing these exercises I found a way to reconnect with myself and bring a calmness and gentleness... and through that I realized that my body is actually really powerful. From that point on, I had a huge improvement on how my body was responding to the treatments and how I felt about myself.”
- Diana O,
Client in Remission after cancer treatment
“I’ve noticed decreased stress and increased hope that cancer is gone forever.”
~ Marlene

Connection Is Medicine

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